"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

What I do

I facilitate ideation workshops with the use of different ideation tools with clients and my teams.

User involvement through interviews, user testing, prototyping and analysing results.

Always trying to ask why with open question to gain a deep understanding of the problem.

Involvement in gender equality awareness through consulting companies such as High heaven, Addgender and Hyper Island gender workshop.

How I do what I do

I think in pictures, and I like to create visual evidence of my thoughts and findings to communicate my ideas to other team members and clients.

Understanding the importance of getting user empathy in order to be able to ideate.

In ideation processes I am great at spinning off and improving others people´s ideas.

I strongly believe in user involvement during all phases of the design process.

Naturally curious about people.

I enjoy exploring and discovering my surroundings and always broadening my mind through education such as Hyper Island, reading books,love watching documentaries and travelling.

Why I do what I do

With a mixed background , and growing up in many different countries I realised from an early age that the world is unbalanced with inequality. I want to make a positive change to these inequalities, and I have this drive with me in all the work I do. I am specially passionate about gender equality and diversity.

I also enjoy helping clients transform it´s business strategy . It gives me thrill to be part of a journey where I can help them to change how they perceive things and make a real difference.

What I am looking for in a company
for my internship

Team building, collaboration and feedback.

Taking/challenging your clients to collaborate with you, speaking with them not to them.

Use design thinking as tool.

Use deep insights into what people really need, feel and desire.

Challenge organisations to rethink what they offer to create a better world.

A meditation space or just a pingpong table.