Hugo Boss

Ideation, Business Strategy and Concept Development

Project description

Had to present a big Idea which could be brought to life in an integrated communication , but will be also the backbone of Hugo Boss PR plan & efforts. A big idea which young men would talk about.

Hugo Boss image

The Hugo man is a suit, with a 3-day beard and greatself-condence. He’s 35 years old and radiates a certain status . He’s an architect and He travels a lot. Hugo is a man that stands for success.
Or is he?

We did a quick survey with Hyper Island student and found that 97% did not connect with this image! That is not the success we want.


The millennial generation believes they can change the world . They believe in a new type of leader, one they can see themselves in. So, who is that?

Social entrepreneurs . They are people whose companies design a chain that creates value for everyone - the company, the user and society . Think Uber, Air B’n’B, sustainability, community. They don’t push a product, they deliver value to society. They make the world better while also making money.


"Empowering new leaders to inspire change!"


HUGO will connect their equity with new successful and up-and-coming
social entrepreneurs that you feel repre-sent a smart way of making
business and helping society.

They would act as ambassadors for the brand, empowering new leaders
and inspiring change.

Biggest learning out come

Dont give want the clients wants but needs!