Nöjesguiden Project

UX designer, Business Strategy and Concept Development.

My role

UX design, Business Strategy and Concept Development.

Project description

Nöjesguiden is great at the hip scene, but wanted their digital scene to match their style. They were looking for a crazy, off-the-wall idea that connected with digital natives in a cool and fun way . The concept had to be sustainable in the long-term, and fit with Nöjesguiden’s business strategy and brand guidelines.

How we worked

Researching, finding good insights, prototyping, wireframes, user testing, weekly meeting with clients, workshops with client, team building, feedback sessions, and presentation.


Presentation with recommendations and findings. Wireframes, prototype of microsite, app demo x2.


Augmented Reality is here and ready to be used, its a new cool way to interact with the information around you. The augmented reality experience helps people discover the hottest places around them, as reviewed by Nöjesguiden .

Video on Augmented Reality


Edited by me

APP demo

Core features: Reviews to read , Augmented Reality discover places nearby , Collect points to unlock extra features.

Micro site demo

Main Focus: Pubs + Nightlife Because food and drink is always changing, NG wants that to become stronger attention, and NG is going to publish more content like this.

Try it on MOBILE :

What I did

I create a visual aid and edit 2min film regarding Augmented Reality to show the client the first stage of our concept and how it could work. I felt it was important to show different situations for the app to help the client but also get feedback before we proceed.

A teammate and I spent a day doing the wireframes and the next day, using POP app to test user journey with different people to see where the friction points were. While doing the wireframes and user testing, we realised how important it was to create a micro site for the app .

While I was creating the prototype for the micro site, I did more user testing to make it as user friendly as possible.

I took part in all the presentation to the clients and also did a mini workshop with the clients.

Biggest learning outcome

When doing workshops, how important it is to involve as many
from the company as possible, whether in a workshop
or in a presentation.