My role

I was strategist/concept developer. Also worked with UX to find a new ways to explain Rebtel better.

Project description

Rebtel has a new product and need a successful roll out campaign to get attention. The target group is based on foreign in different countries. The rollout campaign had to get traction both countries and connect with the target group. Match communication with their rebrand.


People don’t understand the difference between Rebtel and other services.
People make do with free Voice over IP services. (Viber, Facebook call, Skype...)People are satisfied with the free services, despite their unreliability.
The target group is budget conscious.




The idea is to send out the message that Rebtel has hijacke the landlines so now international calls are local.
This way we explain that something has happened to change the rules of telecom, without going into a technical details before people are interested. Hijacking fits to their new rebellious brand image A scalable idea, can be redone in different variations: Rebtel is hijacking other things and making them better.

What I did

I work with small team coming up with different concepts and developing them, mainly the hijacking concepts. Which was a lot of fun and had crazy ideas bounding off each other as team. Secondly I create a easy explanation of how Rebtel works.


Rebtel went live with their new product on the 27th January 2016, using our concept.Their site was down for a day or so because of heavy load but that was fixed. My team was super exited since they used our concepts and many of our ideas.

Biggest learning outcome

Students and good team work are capable of anything if given the opportunity.