White Scrapyard Project

Ideation, Prototyping, Testing and UX Design

My role

Ideation, UX Design.

Project description

Each team had to create an interactive art piece for a joint exhibition “Fluorescent Space Vibration” . While the vikings explored the nordics and Columbus looked for America, students at Hyper Island spent their time exploring technology and motion. This resulted in 100 students connecting their minds, feelings and senses in the creation of interactive and fluorescence infused at art installations.

How we worked

In my team we all shared the same general vision based upon the interactive ball idea. All shared a kinaesthetic type of learning style . We had the desire for an interactive experience. We wanted the physical aspect of combining sports and music. We wanted to incorporate technology with athletics and music . We did a lot of small prototyping and testing before our final pieces came together.


White Scrapyard, all materials were recycled and psychically interactive to create music and give the users a workout at the same time! It combined a gym with a band! Music with body! Night club met the gym ! Each workout was an instrument, so you had the bass, rhythm and melody with fencing, boxing and step workout. #unwrap14

What I did

I created the first prototypes within the first week and tested it around the class to see people’s reaction and how they interacted with it. I used all the material from stuff I found around Hyper Island and Makers Park.

I created the first two step for the bass (step up exercise) by myself and created the melody (fencing) with my team mate, with a lot of experimenting . All the material found was from Hyper Island’s trash area.

Throughout the process I encouraged our team to test our prototypes on our classmates to gain better insights on how to improve it and for a better UX.

Biggest learning outcome

Test your ideas and prototypes as fast as possible outside
your comfort zone.