Workshops and Facilitation

Throughout my year at Hyper Island, I have volunteered to facilitate different workshops , with different types of clients and also my fellow classmates and different class within Hyper Island.

Before Hyper Island, I was a photographer for 5-6 years both in London and Oslo. As a photographer you are pretty much a facilitator, psychologist and then a photographer. Getting the best out of people while getting a safe place to express themselves. It was the facilitation, that I enjoyed the most as a studio photographer.

Gender workshop

In a team of 4, from completely different backgrounds we are now head of doing gender workshop for Hyper Island for three different classes below. Currently did our first one with Digital Media Creative class in September 2015, and waiting for feedback and looking forward to doing 2 workshops for Digital Data Strategist class and Motion creative.

What I learn

The importances of using the right words and giving groups want they need. To be open and flexible for the groups needs on sensitive subjects.


With three other classmates, we created and planned a 3 hour workshop with about 30-40 different team members from ICA Sweden. We gave them new tools to practice within the workshop on each other. Secondly we did an ideation workshop with them, that they could add into ICA culture.

What I learned

Practise makes perfection

Feedback form ICA

“Hyper Island gang was good I thought. Framework Open was fun and at the right level where you felt you had to play with their creativity without having to adapt to the given framework or to have any more pressure to deliver. Feels as it is in such an environment, the best ideas can be created”

“So amazingly good with creativity injection! Good exercise and a great way for us creators to come closer to each other, both personally and in terms of work!”


did a photography workshop with my classmates, it was a 2 hour practical workshop with three different stations to try out the tips & tricks I gave them with my support. Hoping that now they have the confidence to play around with photography more.

What I learned

Really enjoy seeing people learn and mix up ideas together.