WWF project

Ideation, Business Strategy and Concept Development.

Project description

During a three day cross program workshop at Hyper Island we had WWF as a client. The brief was to come up with a new engaging fundraising solution that would increase loyalty and the amount of donations to support the endangered wildlife.


From research we found that people feel distance from the wwf causes and people need to have fun to engage but also made simple to use. From that we understood we need to come up with an interactive learning experience and thought provoking experience. An engagement tool, disguised as a mobile game.


The WWF’s “LittleLife” is an application from WWF where you immerse yourself into the life of a wild animal. You can choose between around 10 wild animals.

Gorilla George

In the game you meet your new friend, in our example the Gorilla George, in a situation where you save the animal and from that point on continues to get to know the animal and help the animal.

You help the animal through various situations and problems caused by our own way of life, like pollution, poaching and deforestation.

But! When you have played the game for a specific amount of time, your animal friend faces an untimely and inevitable extinction, caused by the human beings ways of life.

You are left with nothing other than a blank screen and an empty heart, just realising that your poor defenceless friend is now extinct.

What happens next is that you are presented a popup screen telling you about the real life situation of the animals in real life . And that it is not too late to help out so that our real animal friend doesn't have to face the same cruel fate as poor George did.

On the pop-up screen that appears, you can donate an optional amount of money to help the animals and the climate they live in . You can also connect your progress to Facebook, Twitter or any social media och choice, and let your friends know about your experience and that you just donated money for a good cause.

Biggest learning outcome

I learn the importance of doing paper and pen prototopying first.
The sooner the better!